Gyrocam - die wirtschaftliche Alternative für Flugaufnahmen im Filmbusiness

Our experienced team at GYROCAM, consisting of a cameraman and a pilot, accounts for a wide range of film projects at attractive prices.

Combining a gyrocopter with a gyroscopically stabilized high-definition camera system allows aerial photography of exceptional quality. The flight properties of a gyrocopter permit filming from close to ground level to the peaks of the Alps.

Advantages of using a Gyrocam

  • professional aerial photography in HD broadcasting quality
  • cameraman and pilot adopt their expertise in experienced team work
  • inexpensive flying times make longer shots affordable
  • budget-friendly rates (incomparable to helicopter rental rates)

Fields of application of Gyrocam

  • film & TV, commercials, aerial photography promotional films
  • local and national tourist boards
  • recreational facilities (golf course, mountain railways, hotels)
  • cultural facilities (palaces, castles, regional exhibitions)
  • functions and sport events (motor sports, marathons, triathlons, cycle races)
  • surveillance and control flights as well as air traffic control
  • real estate developers / construction firms / properties (documentation of building sights)
  • trade businesses (solar plants, wind farms, power plants)

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