Gyrocam Rates



Our all-inclusive package of our GYROCAM services based on a daily rate includes all essential components for aerial filming:

  • Gyrocopter-Pilot Wolfgang Spät
  • Gyrocopter MTOsport
  • Camera Operator Jürgen Moors
  • Gyroscopically Stabilized HD-Camera
  • flight permissions
  • trailer

For every project we will provide an individuell offer. For further information click here

Extra costs may occur if an overnight stay for the crew is necessary i.e. for transfer flights to the individual film locations. However, we are open to price negotiations regarding the various projects.

Transfer costs for a Gyrocopter are reasonable. Here the rates for additional flying hours apply (€ 180.– +20% Mwst per hour) which include the aircraft, fuel, the services of the pilot and applicable flight taxes. We provide our aircrafts at different pick up locations that means the charge for transfer flights varies according to the distance to the actual location of filming.